By Becky Brothers, Marketing Consultant

How many of you suffer from summer slowdown? Right, why not? You deserve a break. I deserve a break. First and second quarter kicked our rear ends, and it’s time to reward ourselves! Right! Right? Wrong. Summertime provides the PERFECT opportunity to boost your business. It’s the best time to get together. Not only will you have fun and fill your pipeline, but you can do it on a budget, too! How exciting!

Here are the rules. Yes, there are rules. You can thank me later.

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By Mary Schmid, CEO, Your Brilliant You

Are your conversations standing in the way of building trust? We were taught growing up that conversations are about talking, sharing information, telling others what is on our minds and telling people what to do. But conversations go deeper than sharing information. Conversations are dynamic and impact the way we connect, engage, interact and influence one another.

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By Charlotte Geletka, CRPC, Managing Partner at Cowan & Kohne Financial Planning

The women’s movement is alive and well. Women all over the country are standing together in solidarity for a myriad of reasons… but there might be one topic where women need to encourage one other to get on the bandwagon: financial empowerment. I’m talking about investing.

Women’s magazines talk budgets, shopping deals and clothing sales, but what about investment allocation or retirement portfolio options? Is investment talk still relegated to men?

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For more than 80 years, WIFS has been committed to attracting, developing and advancing women in the insurance and financial services profession. Members, partners, exhibitors and sponsors benefit from connection and mutual respect for professional development and education-focused interaction rather than career opportunity promotion.