Board of Directors

Carrie D. Sayre, CLTC


Chapters: Louisville and Phoenix

Darlene Flagg

Vice President

National Life Group

Chapters: Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston

Dawn Wolfgram, CLF®

Immediate Past President

Principal Financial Group

Chapters: Kansas City and St. Louis


Chia-Li Chien, Ph.D., CFP®, PMP®

Education Director

California Lutheran University

Chapter: Los Angeles

Hawley Woods Gray

Education Director

Appreciation Financial

Chapter: Los Angeles

Jennifer Bacarella

Chapters Director

Sigma Financial Corporation

Chapter: Michigan

Calinda Young

Membership Director


Chapter: Louisville 

Sarah E. Williams

Membership Director


Chapter: Kansas City

Board Committees


Chair: Darlene Flagg, Vice President
Members: Carrie Sayre, Dawn Wolfgram, Executive Director



Chair: Dawn Wolfgram, Immediate Past President
Members: Chia-Li Chien, Carrie Sayre, Darlene Flagg, Executive Director

Member Engagement

Chair: Calinda Young, Membership Co-Director
Members: Sarah Williams, Jenny Bacarella, Carrie Sayre, Executive Director, Membership Director


Chair: Chia-Li Chien, Education Co-Director
Members: Hawley Woods, Calinda Young, Sarah Williams, Executive Director, WIFS Communications, Event Manager (as needed as it relates to Conference)

Sales and Marketing

Chair: Darlene Flagg, Vice President
Dawn Wolfgram, Jenny Bacarella, Darlene Flagg, Executive Director, Sales Director

National Office Staff

Kelly Cartwright

Executive Director 

Maureen Werther

Marketing and Communications

Beverly Seinberg

Lead Copywriter

Michelle Breton

Member Services

Mary Rogan

Conference and Events

Shannon Perry

Strategic Partnership Development